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3 cups


2 tsp.


1 cup


2 tsp.


2 tbsp.

Good vibes

1½ cups



Who and why..?


Martina De Rosi & Eva Kaufmann

We are two good friends from North Italy (South Tyrol), who are highly fascinated by what is being mobilised, digitalised, solidarized around us right now. Eva had the idea to collect all these “good news” and publish them. So to say, as a treasure trove of constructive, creative energy in complicated times. We have also been infected by this energy and here we are creating this digital space of “good news” together. These may be in a territorial context from time to time, but we are convinced that the content will be useful beyond that.

What we also find very exciting is to have our hotchpotch as a documentation for the time after the lockdown, to observe what stays, what vanishes and what grows anew.

Wir sind zwei gute Freundinnen aus Norditalien (Südtirol), die fasziniert beobachten, was sich gerade in unserer Umgebung alles mobilisiert, digitalisiert, solidarisiert. Eva hatte die  Idee all diese „good news“ zu sammeln und zur Verfügung zu stellen. Sozusagen als Fundgrube von konstruktiver, kreativer Energie in komplizierten Zeiten. Und weil wir davon auch angesteckt worden sind, schaffen wir gemeinsam diesen digitalen Ort der „guten Nachrichten“. Diese mögen ab und an in einem territorialen Kontext stehen, dennoch sind wir überzeugt, dass die Inhalte auch darüber hinaus ihren Nutzen haben.

Was wir außerdem sehr spannend finden ist, unser Sammelsurium in den Zeiten nach dem Lockdown als Dokumentation zu haben, was bleibt, was wieder vergeht, was neu wächst.


Siamo due buone amiche del Nord Italia (Alto Adige), che sono affascinate da tutto ció che in questo momento si mobilizza, si digitalizza, si solidarizza intorno a noi. Eva ha avuto l’intuizione di collezionare tutte queste “good news” e metterle a disposizione. Come fonte inesauribile di energia costruttiva, creativa nei tempi complicati. Anche noi siamo state contagiate da questa energia ed eccoci qui a creare questo spazio digitale insieme: quello delle “buone notizie”. Questi possono trovarsi di volta in volta in un contesto territoriale, ma siamo convinti che i contenuti saranno utili anche al di là di questo.

Troviamo molto stimolante avere la nostra collezione come documentazione su cosa resta, cosa svanirá e cosa cresce di nuovo dopo questo periodo di lockdown.

And now: turn on your speakers and listen to the marvellous R.E.M. life performance ...!

Merano - Bolzano | March 2020

The End Of The World As We Know ItR.E.M.
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